Why We are Important:

The mission of MEDLaunch is to improve the standard of healthcare through the engineering and design of creative solutions while also fostering a community of entrepreneurship and collaboration at Saint Louis University. The organization provides a valuable service to the community, both within SLU and within the St. Louis entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Within SLU, MEDLaunch bridges the gap between real world problems and students who are capable of finding and executing solutions. In MEDLaunch, clinicians have a productive outlet in which they can express unmet needs seen in all healthcare settings, problems otherwise disregarded due to a lack of time or expertise.

For students, MEDLaunch is designed to be a transformative experience that gives them the ability and the opportunity to think analytically and execute successfully. They will gain invaluable real world experience, connecting with students of different educational backgrounds and designing solutions aimed towards improving medical care. 

For the St. Louis Entrepreneurial Community, MEDLaunch connects innovation in academia with investors. The program also serves as a useful source for companies within Saint Louis to recognize the next generation of talent and leadership. 



MEDLaunch courses throughout the year and begins with team formation at the start of the academic calendar. The teams are multidisciplinary; each includes a minimum of one medical student, one engineering student, and one business student. After choosing a problem to address, each team seeks to design a novel, effective, and marketable solution using funding from MEDLaunch and mentorship from faculty and industry advisors.

Throughout the design process, each team participates in monthly design reviews, receiving feedback from both the Executive and Advisory Boards. The program ends with a formal presentation to local investors and angel networks by each team, with the objective of obtaining seed funding to progress to advanced prototyping, clinical trials, and manufacturing. The ultimate goal is the production of innovative products that re-enter the clinical setting, thus solving the original problem and improving the standard of medical care.