For Students:

1. Do I need to have an engineering or medical background to participate on a MEDLaunch team?

No! Successful businesses rely on the expertise and knowledge of their employees from all backgrounds - so too do MEDLaunch teams. We believe that each student has something they can offer a team, and we encourage everyone to apply.  

2. What resources are available to team members?

MEDLaunch provides a wealth of resources for its teams to utilize. First, we fund each team up to $2500 to conduct research and develop a prototype. We also have access to testing and rapid prototyping equipment at SLU.

3. Who owns the company?

You do! With Saint Louis University, MEDLaunch has been able to secure all intellectual property rights for its teams; this means that each team will own its product. We view each team as a start-up business, and we insist that team members do the same.

4. Will I get to choose the team I want to be on?

Absolutely. Each fall, MEDLaunch holds an event titled Launch Day where interested students can see what projects are available for the upcoming year. Students can then talk with each team leader (Team Leaders are chosen prior to Launch) to get a sense of which project they would find the most exciting. Team Leaders then reach out to prospective team members to form a team based on interest and team needs.

5. What is the time commitment?

Time commitments vary from team to team and member to member. However, you get out of MEDLaunch what you put in! At MEDLaunch, we look to attract students that are not only the most qualified but also the most passionate and committed to success. This is your startup!

6. Can I get class credit for this?

No. MEDLaunch is entirely extracurricular for a reason. We use this as a selection tool to find the students that are truly motivated towards entrepreneurial success. MEDLaunch is not a class project - it is an opportunity for students to create a business centered around improving healthcare.

7. If I sign onto a team, am I stuck on that team?

No! MEDLaunch teams are by no means static - in fact, we expect them to change throughout the course of the design process. We believe that giving teams the freedom to change and grow gives each team the best opportunity for success. However, any alterations to teams must first be approved by the MEDLaunch Executive Board.

8. What is the difference between a Team Leader and a Team Member?

Team Leaders are chosen through an application and interview process prior to team formation, and each team has one leader. MEDLaunch chooses leaders based on experience and motivation, and leaders may be from any educational background. Team Leaders are responsible for the progress and direction of the team, and they get to choose a project from our bank of “Problem Profiles” on which they would like to work. Team Members can then join a team based on their interest in the project.


For any other questions, please contact us.