Launch Day 2017

Launch Day is the kickoff event to the MEDLaunch year. The event is centered around team building, as Team Leaders have the opportunity to present their chosen projects to dozens of students interested in joining a MEDLaunch team. Everyone interested in getting involved with MEDLaunch is invited to attend, and admission is free!


DynamiCathâ„¢, one of MEDLaunch's 2016-2017 teams displaying their product at 2017 Demo Day.



The CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center) is centrally located in the cortex innovation district, widely considered the innovation hub of Saint Louis. The buildings are home to a wide range of innovators and intellectuals, including representatives from Boeing, Purina, and hosts an extensive list of local start-up companies.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017


CIC@4240, 2nd Floor

4240 Duncan Avenue
St. Louis MO 63110